That extra 10% you need to be the best social worker you can be 

When social workers are feeling supported, resilient and on top of their workload, they have the mental space to have meaningful and therapeutic interactions with the children and families they support.

Unfortunately, a lot of them (including us!) don’t have that support right now. Did you know that 75% of social workers said that burnout is a key area of concern? Study by the University of Plymouth

Introducing the Thrive app. Thrive supports social workers with workload and wellbeing, freeing up time and energy to be spent working directly with children and families. 

Made by social workers – for social workers.

The Thrive app is built specifically for children’s social workers in the UK. Whether you’re completing your ASYE or have been practising for years, the Thrive app can streamline your casework to save you time and energy. If you feel like your to-do list is never ending, you’re always stretched thin but you want to be the best social worker you can be, Thrive is the perfect tool for you.

Thrive was built out of a need. We know the stresses involved with being a Social Worker.

Thrive allows you to cut your casenote admin time in half, receive bitesize, practical resources that have been vetted by social workers to improve your practice – and most importantly, become a better version of yourself with our wellbeing tracker.

What’s inside?

The Smart Casetracker – stay on top of your workload

All your visits, meetings and assessments in one place with timescales that update automatically. Never worry about making a new things to do list again.

The Pocketbook

Access a directory of support specifically for children’s social workers covering topics from managing stress and time management to practical direct work ideas.

Daily Thrive – the wellness tracker

Daily check-ins to remind you to look after your own needs. Track your stress, mood, motivation and more. Catch signs of burnout early so you can get support as soon as possible.

TOIL Tracker

Avoid burnout with our time tracker. Clock in when you start working for the day and clock out when you are all done, and see if you’re working a bit too much. 

How it works


Download the app and connect your local authority

  • Submit the code provided to you by your Local Authority.
  • Don’t see them? Let us know and we’ll get in touch with them!
  • Social Workers don’t pay a penny – no training required for anyone.


Complete your profile for a personalised experience

  • We know your time is limited – quickly sign up in just a few minutes!
  • Input your working hours so Thrive can work out your TOIL for you.
  • Help understand your WHY for a better experience.


Build your cases

  • Answer a few questions about your cases so your task list can automate to their specific timescales.
  • Record important information such as meeting dates, notes and contact details for quick access.
  • Voice record your casenotes in the app so they can be transcribed and emailed straight over to you. Cut your casenote admin time in half.


Access your dashboard

  • Quickly see your upcoming visits, meetings and assessments in one place.
  • Complete daily check-ins to stay on top of your wellbeing.
  • Track your hours and let the app track your TOIL for you (and remind you to take it!).

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Frequently asked questions

Will my manager have access to my Thrive app?

No. The Thrive app is a personal space for you to track your wellbeing and keep up to date with your tasks. The app can create a report that you can choose to show your manager if you like and we encourage it; but that’s completely up to you.

How secure is the data on the app?

As the app holds confidential information about you but also the families you work with, it’s our utmost priority to ensure that all data is protected. All data on the app is end-to-end encrypted and no one except you has access to your casework. You can check out our privacy policy here.

How will an app stop social workers getting burnt out?

An app on its own won’t solve the social worker burnout crisis. We absolutely agree that systemic changes are needed to reduce social worker turnover and reduce caseloads. However, using technology in the right way can be a starting point to reduce bureaucracy, automate administrative tasks and serve as a great tool to access practical support. 

Our research has shown how social workers who track their wellbeing are more likely to take steps to prevent burnout.

I love it! How do I get the app?

The app is available for subscription by Local Authorities. Express interest here to join our pilot programme! At the moment, the app is only for frontline children social workers who work on Child in Need, Child Protection and Children Looked After/Looked After Children cases. Speak to the team and book a demo here

How much is the app?

We’re rolling out our pilot in Auutumn/Winter 2023! If you want your Local Authority to be among the select few participants involved in the innovative pilot and get the app at a discounted price, book a demo here!

Meet Tooba!

Hi, I’m Tooba! I’m the founder of Thrive Social Work and a previous children’s social worker.

Like hundreds of other social workers during the onset of COVID-19, I experienced burnout during 2020.

Now I’m committed to helping social workers prevent burnout by managing their workload and wellbeing with the help of technology. 

Image of Tooba the founder of Thrive Social Work - a smiling young woman with light brown skin wearing a dark blue hijab.

Interested in learning more about Thrive?

Join our mailing list and be the first to hear when we launch!

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The development of the Thrive app has been fully funded and supported by  Frontline.