The problem

75% of social workers said that burnout was a key area of concern (University of Plymouth). The same sentiment is repeatedly found to be prevalent through numerous surveys and studies of children’s social workers in the UK, even evidencing how children’s social workers experience a higher level of burnout than their adult counterparts. 

Children and families need social workers who are motivated, organised, efficient, reflective, empathetic and have the time and space to prioritise them in all of their work.

Our mission

When social workers are feeling supported, resilient and on top of their workload, they have the mental space to have meaningful and therapeutic interactions with the children and families they support. They can focus on true social work – changing lives for the most vulnerable people in our society.

The social care system’s strongest and most vital resource is having talented and dedicated practitioners on the frontline; and for them to remain on the frontline, their health and wellbeing must be a priority within the social care sector. 

Our Mission: Make life easier for social workers with user friendly technology.

What we stand for

As a social enterprise founded and built by social workers, our values underpin everything we do:

We uphold the social work values of promoting wellbeing

We want every social worker to be healthy and happy

We are honest and transparent

This is incredibly important to us, especially considering we are handling sensitive data that you may share in the app

Meet Tooba

Hi, I’m Tooba! I’m the founder of Thrive Social Work and a previous children’s social worker. I worked in the North West as a frontline child protection social worker where the idea for Thrive was born.

I needed a tool to help organise my never ending to-do list whilst also helping spot signs of burnout. Like hundreds of other social workers during the onset of COVID-19, I experienced burnout during 2020. Now I’m committed to helping social workers prevent burnout by managing their workload and wellbeing with the help of technology. 

Social workers need to be happy and healthy in order to support children and families the best we can. Investing in the social worker will only help the families we work with.

Image of Tooba the founder of Thrive Social Work - a smiling young woman with light brown skin wearing a dark blue hijab.

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The development of the Thrive app has been fully funded and supported by  Frontline.